Sawmill – Peterson Winch Production Frame

Peterson Winch Production Frame 8 (WPF 8)

A lot of research was carried out to find the right type of sawmill for producing the quality of sawn timber our customers require. We needed a mill to be highly portable, easy to setup, cut accurately and “quarter saw” without fuss. After seeing a Mahoe swing blade mill in action some years back this type of mill, with a disk blade was the way to go. The Peterson is an impressive swing blade machine that ticked all the boxes and fitted our budget. Our Winch Production Frame sawmill is operating mainly in North Devon and Torridge area, we are happy to discuss customer requirements for work further away.

sawmill milling in Devon

Saw milling of timber in Devon

Details of our mill are as follows:

Basic Sawmill Specification

  • Max. Sawlog Diameter is 1.8 metres (6ft)
  • Max. Sawlog Length is 6 metres (20ft) on standard tracks
  • Max. Cut is 203.2mm x 203.2mm (8″ x 8″)
  • Max. Double Cut 203.2mm x 406.4mm (8″ x 16″) Dbl cut on horizontal plane only

Our mill can be setup to saw timber at sites that aren’t completely level. As long as the pair of rails are parallel to each other, it doesn’t matter if the ground slopes a bit to one side or end.

For further technical information about our Peterson Winch Production Frame 8 (WPF) mill, please see the manufacturers website Peterson Sawmills