Saw milling a spalted Beech log

Old Spalted Beech log

A customer of ours had an old Beech log that had been left outside on a log stack for many months at the woodland edge. There was plenty on fungi on the cut ends of the log, so this was a good indication that there should be some spalting inside. The sawlog was lifted carefully onto the bearers in an orientation where we expected to achieve the best cuts with our Peterson mobile sawmill. A small rough section on the side was chainsawed off before we started milling. Even this piece revealed some nice colours and grain, so we had high expectations for the rest of it. What we saw next did not disappoint us.

Milling the Beech

The first layer was removed and we started to see beautiful colours and patterns across the whole trunk.

mobile sawmilling of Beech

Spalted Beech sawlog being milled, Devon

Every layer that came off the log had unique colouring, grain and spalted patterns. We managed to get four really exceptional layers of 2 inch thick boards from the top half of the log. Our customer was really pleased with the spalted timber and plans to turn these into several beautiful tables.

Spalted Beech

Freshly sawn spalted Beech boards, Devon

This was just about the right time to mill this log, had it been left longer much of it would have decayed to an unusable condition.

spalted Beech

Beautiful colours and patterns in this spalted Beech, Devon

We milled some 4 inch by 8 inch pieces and other sizes in the second half of the sawlog. Each section that we milled reveal something special. The entire log was stacked in the order of milling in readiness for moving to the Estate workshop. It was a real pleasure to mill this log and good to know it will be turned into unique pieces of furniture.

milled Beech log

Beech log stacked after milling, Devon

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